Staring At The Sun

by People In The Future Recording Co.

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released January 11, 2011

People in the Future Recording Co. is an ongoing creative endeavor of writing and recording by two Seattle based artists David Lopez (formerly of Lillydale) and Brian Plonsky (of Mostly Dimes). Their first release Staring at the Sun was recorded and produced within Dave's Basement in 2009 with the help of many talented supporting musicians.

The short list of influences:
Daguerreotypes, dying languages, latitudes, longitudes, ink, barometric pressure, caprice, mountains, olde etchings, bog people, medical engravings, the Western front, rare ailments, long words, palindromes, curiosity shoppes, flying dreams, experiments, little jolts of electricity, the Epic of Gilgamesh and by many of the heroes that failed...

The players: Ben Nevis, David Franklin Lopez, Brian Doyle Plonsky, Nelson Bell, Tom Baisden, Greg Brown, Machete DuBois, Esther Shin, Constantin Parvulescu, Carmina Burrito, General Engine..


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People In The Future Recording Co. Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Staring At The Sun
staring at the sun.
i was staring at the sun with a pair of bloodshot eyes looking for reasons to be guessed should i leap from this precipice? i'll always think of those i love and leave half of what i begin undone, i'll take the test, i'll pass the test, take what i need leave you the rest. while scratching at my brain with a rusted razor blade, i seem to accumulate debris at the same rate as i decay. i'm staring at the sun, impossible dreams in my mind, looking out across the ocean dreaming of ancient heroes and their lives. so my child don't be afraid, the world will try in ten thousand ways, so go ahead and raise the stakes,remember most of it's a game, and so when you decide to leap from the comforts of your eyrie fill your pockets up with memories, free-fall for a moment and breath deep,and stare into the sun,until sunspots fill your eyes,can you imagine a better blind? unable to see anything but light...i'll wade through, what needs to, wrapped in veins. race. stationary. old light fixtures, faded pictures, screaming with a sigh. i'll wade through, these said truths, unearth all that i have buried, in that night once i blink twice i'll fade. i was staring past the sun, felt my heart beat behind my eyes and watched the sky guide us to night, with just a drop of blood i cried, i was smiling at your face, saw my reflection in your eyes, we both looked up at the same time, nine shooting stars across the sky traveling ten million miles just to fade above our heads what a strange fate to meet one's end above strangers in distant lands. and so i wish upon the graves of all that has preceded me, quick i tip my hat to history, i leap 'neath these night stars and breath deep...
Track Name: Ships Are Sailing
ships are sailing.
the ships they are sailing, while the people are sleeping, and the winds 'round them wailing, their promises are leaving while innocent left weeping, on the shores they are keeping, and the clouds they come creeping, creeping in. the waters were raging what prophets were staging, a long time ago, oh so far, far from here, and i love you my dear, across the oceans and years, and when the clear skies come near then we'll sing again. soaring my darling, these cold waters are calling me out to sea, i must fight for thee, may i return. the widows are weeping for the dreams they see drowning and the children are staring don't know why she's in black, she's watching an ending of the life she'd lived mending, how will she explain that he's not coming back? on this sunday in winter, coldest day of the year, no ships have returned, on your cheeks freeze your tears, for it's been seven years and dozens ships i have sailed, should it take dozens more i'll return to our shores. soaring my darling, these cold waters are calling, i must fight for thee, oh may i return...but too many comrades have i had to bury at sea, and each day i'm only one wave away from their fate, too far away are our lovers on land as they wait to bleed, oh find a new love should my brothers return without me. soaring my darling, these cold waters are calling, me out sea, i must fight for thee, oh may i return.
Track Name: Decay With Me
decay with me.
come with me, the world of trees, awaits ascent before descent,eternity's no different than every single moment spent, lying here, bending the breeze, smelling scents, so intense, nothing's more magnificent than living in time without an end.i climbed to the top of a steepled spire where i could see everything look miniature,and at the top i wished i could go higher while distantly beginning life's overture, insects wearing sunglasses with eyes rolling around their heads i can barely tell if i'm awake or asleep, but what's the difference, really? in either world, i am aware that this will end
someday. bricks on bodies, stacked in threes, while arms and legs entwine with weeds, decay preys on everything, we are, we do, decay with me, and i'll decay with you. talk me through, walk me to, take my hands beneath these stars, fill these scars, made by these, easy to start wars of ours, mock with me, flock with me, shake my limbs up in tree, dance with me, let's disappear entirely from history. i fly to the sounds of these ringing bells, they're calling me home but i can't find the road, so i remain behind, i look to my left, i look to my right, there's ghosts all around me saying every-thing's fine, well if that's the case where've you been all my life? the winds wrap around me, the ghosts catch a ride, it'll all be over in the blink of an eye they assure me, in other words, we're not that distant from the other side. sending messages to me in smoke signals through wind and trees, i read every word you've sent, they're loud and clear, so eloquent oh, come decay with me. oh, come decay with me.
Track Name: Wayfarer
wait, for this wayfarer boy, there's a sun shining down on a spot on the shore that we met at one night the same night we took flight, respectively, so we both could feel free, in this life. stay, there i'll be there by four still smelling of sins committed hours before, the same sins that you had hurt yourself with too, through the years, how many is too many tears? asked i...take, the bait from this boy whose still drunk on the beach from the night before, buried to his knees in the sands of this shore, anticipating, i'm waiting for you to arrive. cold, like steel in starlight, the way the water dripped down your body in the night, i wanted to run from you, you said i'd regret that move, torn between ideals and truths i had to agree with you this time...waiting, abating, mind anticipating the things that we chose to do dreams that called us to move, hasting away from a fear it's too late, but tell me what is the use of not using the strength of two? my love, me and you my love. daylight is fading alongside life created, walls that we've raised to find they're only to hide behind, watching the world turn from magic to ashes, i'm only here to create and there's some things we can not unmake. this night, nor unmake this life...
Track Name: Untitled
show me the way, to the fields where they lay, where their bodies fall flat the tall grass that once swayed, tell me the names of every family that will never get back a price to great to have payed. first there's a mourning, then a dull anger mounting, last letters received, posthumously, and day after day rewind play, rewind play. there's a point it's too late to retract a mistake. mother help me i'm scared to my bones and it's too clear to me i may not make it home, i'll write when i can, when my hands stop shaking 'til then, off to be a man for my land. show me the way, oh please show me the way to the fields where they lay, where the carrion prey, take us to see where they're buried ten deep, may they at least find peace in their sleep. above two broken legs the body can't stand and the spirit will fail beneath the science of man, and i'm waiting for rains because blood's meant for veins, not meant to run through and stain the concrete. but if i followed blood's trail would it lead me to jail? to see men in their cells point their fingers at me? lover, i love you, let go while you can. the only beauty here now is in the photos you've sent, and thank you, yes, angels found me in my sleep but nothing stands in the way of our artillery...wrestling with enmity all deep inside of me, breaking my back and knees bodies hanging in the trees. we're moths sent on missions destined for electricity, once time snakes it's way through my spine to my brain i'll be free... hollow help me i can't seem to die, these nights stretched on tables i'm trying, through every maladies medley, my sweet escape melody plays, through my mind. i let go of the anchor, i let go of the rope i never had faith to speak of and i lost sight of hope, calling in vain to ships long sailed away, adrift in the sea the sky above, and beneath me.
Track Name: In My Time
in my time.
i want to reach my hands through the earth to the sky and touch everything beautiful once in my life, here in my time, in my time. but i'm stopped short each time and i can't tell why, with dreams just out of reach and in fear paralyzed i see time, pass me by. and i dream that i'm drowning and awake with surprise to see one more day as i open my eyes, though it's gone before i wish it to take me away to a place where it's quiet where life leads the way, where i smile when i sleep, i don't have to be brave, where i lie with my face toward the sky not the grave. just one night, oh just one night. but reaching my hands through the soil to the earth from what gave me life, i know i'll return, when it's my time, when it's my time...
Track Name: In The Red
in the red.
so many people so much time so many words so many rhymes, and i don't know if tonight the moon could set the oceans right so i called upon a man to lend all available hands, this was my biggest plan to date, an ambitious site to excavate, but how could i succeed in my part to play when i don't even know my own strengths? i'll be drowning in the earth this birth that happened by mistake, well, a runt's not meant to make it this far beyond his expiration date, and i truly wish we could return to the life we thought we could create, but there's some things that you can't escape, there's some things that you can't escape,there's some things you can make, but can't stop from breaking down. but if you go and i don't follow don't turn around just keep your eyes ahead and keep on till your feet leave the ground...let's throw in a harem and a sheik for just some random imagery and a hot blistering sun evaporates the camel's humps, and the heat steals water, kills the trees, that gives the air we try to breath, and with bloody dry cracked lips we speak of beauty no one else can see, a mirage of the sea, but sandstorms come and bury tales like these. if we could turn back time, make all wrongs to right, this world would be a different place, no place that i would want to stay, if i could not make mistakes...because beauty comes for free but we hide it underneath, the sheets we sleep at night where dreams and tears both sympathize for fears we realize then hide, we want to act but can't decide, so we never create meaning, we're afraid to pay the price, but the mistakes we make, are the true costs of living this break me down, break me down, break me down to the sum of my smallest parts so that when i rebuild myself, at least then i'll have somewhere to start.
Track Name: Too Late To
too late to.
the secrets of people are held 'neath their eyes, i know i see nightmares like mine all the time, my fortune's been told though i keep it close to my soul,i can hide it forever or dare let it go. i remained in my chair in seat-belted shaking i remember, i know, we're death in the making. i hope you don't run far away, it's not easy to chain what you love to a tree and cause knowing the ending still makes me bleed oh knowing the ending... cremations, carnivals, we're spirits as lovers all so we can stay warm in our beds, but now somebody's holding my child by the hands, and the people are crowding, their making demands. it's unfortunate sometimes to be. to be chained to your heart, to a tree. but i've souvenired all the ideas i might need, to exhume someday someone just to seem him not breath and to stare at that despot, death in the eyes to remind that i won't leave slide your hands over the sheets and my face and tell me what's missing, tell me to my face but you leaned and whispered into my ear and i heard you say words that you always had feared, and his knuckles will swell as the years go on, on, and you screamed it a hundred more times bursting lungs, don't run away, not tonight i can't help, feeling i'm drowning like i'm someone else. i don't know if i died or if i slept, i've had trouble just connecting my steps. but go on,and don't look back at my shadow, just know that i'm standing, my hands in the air, i don't care now to run away now that i have no real reason to stay. it's too wet to believe in a sun that could warm and evaporate this storm, this one it's a sickness i wish i could see, but the ending had come and it's too late to bleed, it's a sickness i wish i could see chaining your love to your heart, to a tree, and knowing the ending still makes me bleed but the ending has come and it's too late...
Track Name: This Life
this life.
what is this night trying to teach me? what is this life trying to leech from me? what are these sounds that hammers in my head ring out? you'll never go home oh no...oh, no. am i to run from burning to shaking? is this the sum of all of our lives concluding here tonight? what is this life? what is it asking? there must be a light, though we are blind if it's in our eyes. drowning in a dry place with strange stars up above, breathing, sand on my tongue in my eyes and in my lungs i did it for love, oh for love, oh, love....
Track Name: Exile
i'm dreaming of exile, to where i could just walk away, but silently everything turned into dirt, and buried the bodies the children of yesterday, all of their laughter has turned into hurt. and the man who stood grinding the organized meat machine said that it must be cleaned out at least once a week, so down on my knees, yes sir, thank you, please. i'll degrease and re-grease the gears with my tears...somewhere afghanistan somewhere centurions somewhere a sandstorm will blow in your eyes while octogenarians make teas with valerian, fortunes are told with no room for surprise. oh, and i don't own anything that doesn't own me, i could sleep through today and still live centuries, but why? loving and laughing and lonely librarians hide dreams in places that no one will find, too poor to spare coins for wishes of a child, but a well without wishes will dry up and die, so search for a panacean in nights of bacchanalian, the world spins on cue, emetics, insides rise and i wish i could see all that the trees have seen and have roots grow as deep as my branches reach high. you can lean on my shoulder we can kiss and tell tales, of the man last left standing and the first ones who fell, you can swim through my veins, you can sail arteries and i could hold my breath waiting but i'd prefer to breath, this time. is there no way i can see you tonight? time's relentless. oh sometimes i wish i was blind to my senses. somewhere inside of me a memory that's been asleep of times when the blackness was brighter than light, but days weights decisions like scalpels incisions slice through reasons that took a life to define, beneath the pales of your skin i see blood beat rhythms as battles are raging 'round this world tonight, but then your eyes look at me, penetrate me too deep, i feel my true size and i'm dwarfed by the sky. what are we waiting for? some kind of miracle? what are we waiting for? we've waited so long what are we waiting for? life's not so lyrical and death's not preceded by sirens or songs, oh no, oh no,oh no... i remember your eyes i can still see your smile intoxicating everyone you walk by, but forgo the pleasantries needs for formalities loves is just a pretty way to put dirt in your eyes, reach deep inside of me your hands are the palliatives that sooth this disease that no cure can find a kiss in the wind such a beautiful thing and the scents and the scenes and of what it reminds, feasting and fasting with hopes everlasting that everything's beautiful, everything's right, reaching and casting i'm saying i'm asking if today never came how'd you spend your last night?

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